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The Music of Martin Neill

Award-winning composer and piano teacher

I specialise in writing bespoke musicals for Primary Schools!

There are hundreds of shows and musicals for sale, and sometimes they are just perfect for your school's needs. However, there are times when a published musical just doesn't 'fit', which can lead to lots of time-consuming editing, extra part-writing or even part-cutting! I can create a musical tailored to the needs of your pupils, and it is not as expensive as you might think! Here are two examples of where I have been able to write musicals for unique circumstances!

Lonely Leo

"Martin's musical 'Lonely Leo' was a triumph - every child had a part to play and the songs were magical!"

March Onward

“Blew me away, what talent we have! The superbly written show had my full attention from start to finish.”

I was commissioned to write this show for Eaton House The Manor School in Clapham Common. There are 60 boys in their Reception year, and each must have a part and something to say. For years the staff have had to add extra lines to existing shows, so they were very grateful when I wrote this musical to include a part for each and every child! The songs went down well too!

This musical was written for Moira House Girls School in Eastbourne. The school celebrated its 140th anniversary in 2015, so to mark the occasion I wrote a show about the founding of the school in 1875. It was a lot of fun to research, and the children really enjoyed stepping in to the shoes of past pupils and teachers! I even included a tea dance on Bournemouth seafront!